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N & nutrients)---or---metastasize- travel through the bloodstream or lymphatic system (invading & spreading)bc is more likely to spread to neighboring organs thru lymph nodes than spread thru bloodstream the bladder… transitional cell carcinomain the us, 90% of bcsuperficial bladder cancerbegins in the innermost tissue layer of the bladdershrink when empty, enlarge when fullmost commonbiggest cause: smoking squamous cell carcinomain the us, 3-8% of bcinvasive bladder cancerbegins in squamous cellsflat cells that can form after long-term infection or irritationsquamous: prolonged irritation, inflamation, and infectionpredominant in middle east and africaschistosoma worm that causesâ schistosomiasis, adenocarcinomaâ in the us, 1-2% of bcbegins in glandular (secretary) cells that can form after long-term irritation and inflammationinvasive bladder cancerbiggest cause: inflamation & irritation symptomsmost common: blood in urine (slightly rusty to bright red in color)frequent urination (feeling to urinate when not needed)pain during urinationlower pack pain diagnostic testsabdominal ct scanbladder biopsyusually performed during cytoscopycytoscopy examining the inside of bladder w/ cameraintravenous pyelogram- ivp x-ray pictures of ureter & bladder to check for cancerurinalysisphysical color, microscopic, and chemical appearanceurine cytologyexamination of cells in urine tnm staging systemstage 0 – bladder liningstage i – btw lining and musclestage ii – muscle layerstage iii – into tissuestage iv –metastasis treatmentsstage 0 and 1:transurethral resection of the bladder (turb)- removal of tumor through surgerychemotherapy or immunotherapystage 2 or 3:radical cystectomy- removal of bladder through surgerypartial removal of bladder (followed by chemotherapy & radiation)chemotherapy to shrink tumor before surgerychemotherapy and radiation (patients who don’t do surgery)â stage 4: incurable, no surgery, (chemotherapy is possibility) risk factorsthe causes of cancer aren’t usually hereditary… they are…. http://milkpaint.com/ibe-buy-cheap-viagra-canada-bz/ viagra canada viagra effectiveness over time viagra price at rite aid Smoking50% of men with bc caused by smoke30% of women with bc caused by smokechemical exposureâ¼ cases due to exposure of carcinogensdye workers, rubber workers, aluminum workers, leather workers, truck drivers, & pesticide workers are at highest riskradiation and chemotherapyexposure to radiation/chemotherapy can increase risk of bcbladder infectionbladder infection/irritation increase risk of squamous cell bchowever, don’t increase transitional cell cancerparasite infectioninfection from schistosomiasis parasite biology of cancerno known genetic mutations that cause bcthe dna proteins become mutated so they grow quickly and begin to form tumormutation: prot0-oncogenes become oncogenesas result can’t stop cell cycletumo. buy generic viagra order viagra viagra online buy viagra without prescription where can you buy viagra from sweet-vibrations.com/tkj-generic-viagra-online-canada-cost-bk/ cheap viagra viagra high blood pressure medicine order viagra viagra online    
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