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Ua-26408784-1 search menu search options advanced search search help home contact us access old springerlink sign up / log in sign up / log in institutional / athens login english deutsch corporate academic look inside get access find out how to access preview-only content close neurological sciences april 2009, volume 30, issue 2, pp 123-131 the neuropsychological and neuroradiological correlates of slowly progressive visual agnosia anna rita giovagnoli, anna aresi, fabiola reati, alice riva, clara gobbo, alberto bizzi … show all 6 hide look inside get access abstract the case of a 64-year-old woman affected by slowly progressive visual agnosia is reported aiming to describe specific cognitive-brain relationships. is 20mg of viagra the same as 100 mg viagra Longitudinal clinical and neuropsychological assessment, combined with magnetic resonance imaging (mri), spectroscopy, and positron emission tomography (pet) were used. Sequential neuropsychological evaluations performed during a period of 9 years since disease onset showed the appearance of apperceptive and associative visual agnosia, alexia without agraphia, agraphia, finger agnosia, and prosopoagnosia, but excluded dementia. Mri showed moderate diffuse cortical atrophy, with predominant atrophy in the left posterior cortical areas (temporal, parietal, and lateral occipital cortical gyri). 18fdg-pet showed marked bilateral posterior cortical hypometabolism; proton magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging disclosed severe focal n-acetyl-aspartate depletion in the left temporoparietal and lateral occipital cortical areas. real viagra vs generic viagra In conclusion, selective metabolic alterations and neuronal loss in the left temporoparietooccipital cortex may determine progressive visual agnosia in the absence of dementia. viagra 20 mg vs 10mg Page %p close plain text look inside within this article: introduction case report discussion references other actions export citations register for journal updates about this journal related content supplementary material (0) references (71) lissauer h (1890) ein fall von seelenblindhelt nebst einen beitrag zur theorie derselben. cheap generic viagra online Arch psychiatr 27:222–270 crossref warrington ek, james m (1986) visual object recognition in patients with right hemisphere lesion: axes or features? Perception 15:355–356 crossref warrington ek, james m (1988) visual apperceptive agnosia: a clinico-anatomical study of three cases. viagra online without prescription Cortex 24:13–32 warrington ek (1975) the selective impairment of semantic memory. is 20mg of viagra the same as 100 mg viagra Q j exp psychol 27:635–657 crossref davidoff j, wilson b (1985) a case of visual agnosia showing a disorder of pre-semantic visual classification. viagra without a doctor prescription Cortex 21:121–134 feinberg te, schindler rj, ochoa e, kwan pc, farah jm (1994) associative visual agnosia and alexia without prosopoagnosia. viagra sales Cortex 30:395–412 de renzi e, lucchelli f (1993) the fuzzy boundaries of apperceptive agnosia. viagra cost Cort. cheap generic viagra is 20mg of viagra the same as 100 mg viagra    
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